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Indian Ocean


In Sri Lanka, the blue sapphire is famous and very well known for its romantic symbolism: sincerity and fidelity are the values ​​of this sparkling stone.

Pink Canyon


Like a sunset seen from the Sri Lankan shore, the Padparadscha sapphire is one of a kind. A strange and rare beauty enlightened by shades of orange, pink and yellow reminiscing of the lotus flower from which its name is inspired. Avani jewelry adorned with a Padparadscha sapphire is intended for romantics with a unique personality.

Midnight Sun

Yellow Sapphire

Incandescent like the midnight sun, the yellow sapphire adorns our most precious jewels. Its shade comes in a range of rich, warm shades ranging from pure yellow to sultry amber. Make the gift of a yellow sapphire to solar personalities who light up your life.
Amazon Rainforest

Green Sapphire

From the blue of the ocean to the green of the rainforest, there is only one step and our sapphires have taken it. This noble hue gives green sapphire a unique personality that is associated with lively and wise spirits. Available in a rich palette of different shades, our green sapphires have inspired us to create bold, timeless jewelry for symbolic occasions.

Cherry Blossom

Pink Sapphire

As enchanting as the Sakura blossom in spring, pink sapphire is the ideal stone for lovers of Love. From the softest pink to the more intense fuchsia, our pink sapphire jewels gracefully underline soft and sophisticated temperaments.

Red Lava


Incandescent red with a hint of blue, "pigeon's blood" ruby ​​gives character to any jewel. Happiness, courage, loyalty… The ruby’s symbolism ​​is directly linked to the heart. On an engagement ring or adorning the ears, this fiery stone reinforces the most precious feelings.