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Choose your colored stone, its cut, its gold finishing and your favorite design to create with our gemologists your dream jewel in only 5 steps.

1. The Stone: Limitless colors for your own pleasure 

Our ethical and ecological sapphires distinguish themselves by their color and quality. At Avani, blue sapphires are found alongside stones of extraordinary shades. 

As the specialist of sapphires, we have a range of colors to satisfy all your desires. Blue, pink, green, yellow or Padparadscha sapphires will embody your personality and express your feelings.

2. The Shape: a cut fitted to your desires

Dive into the core of the stone by choosing the cut that suits you. Coming from our own mines and all handcut by our lapidary artisans in Sri Lanka, our gemstones allow us to offer you a wide choice of colors and shapes. 

In the cut and color of your choice, your sapphire makes up an absolutely unique personalized jewel.

avani paris

3. The Design : Modernity and Timelessness

Discover our ethical timeless designs and choose the one that will enhance the stone you've fallen in love with. Avani creates modern jewelry to highlight the colored sapphire of your choice. 

Engagement rings, birth rings or celebration of a special occasion: our jewels stand by your sides for your most cherished moments.

4.  Gold: the final touch of your personalized jewel

Each Avani jewel is made of 18 carats recycled gold. All our models can be made in the gold finishes of your choice. 

White gold, yellow gold or rose gold: our creations are crafted to match your every desire so that you can wear them for the rest of your life.

avani paris

5. Our Encounter The promise of a unique jewel

The jewel of your dreams seems to be taking shape? 

We would be delighted to invite you in our Paris boutique (or to set a video appointment) to imagine together, step by step, the model of your choice.

The minimum budget for a custom-made creation is 3500€

bague or jaune saphir
bague or jaune saphir
solitaire spinelle rouge
bague or jaune saphir
solitaire spinelle rouge
bague or jaune saphir