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Esmeralda Collection


Avani pays vibrant tribute to the majesty of the sapphire, the Esmeralda collection celebrates the emerald cut: an exceptional cut initially imagined to protect the delicate beauty of the emerald stone. 

Emblematic of the Art Deco period, the emerald cut now fully reveals the brilliance of the sapphire through its pure and symmetrical lines. 

Its large facets welcome the light like no other and its superior qualities enhance the radiance and color of our gems.

A Legendary Cut for an Exceptional Collection

Each unique piece is designed to reveal the character of the woman who wears it, a confident and independent woman who boldly savors the joy of giving herself a modern jewel that will stay by her side for every moment of her life.

A Unique Stone With Multiple Colors

To better reveal its charm, the sapphire is offered in a trendy color palette. The sapphire stone adopts joyful and poetic shades that were previously unknown. 

Each gem is selected for its purity and for its exceptional qualities magnified by the emerald cut. 

Since all Esmeralda sapphires are unheated, their natural color is the fruit of the earth: a richness revealed by the gesture of our jewelers.

These rare sapphires, set off by two sparkling diamonds, crown the rose gold rings of the Esmeralda collection to highlight the femininity of these timeless jewels. 

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