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At Avani, the stone is our starting point

The Stone, essence of our creative energy

Created to showcase our sapphires, every piece of Avani jewelry is truly unique. 

We only design exclusive creations and never offer collections reissued season after season. The stones are our whole world and, since our beginnings, they’re the source of our inspiration.

Each Avani jewel born in our workshop is inspired by a rough, uncut and irreplaceable sapphire.

 Because each sapphire differs from another, Avani jewels are created according to the stone’s qualities to better highlight its beauty, never the opposite. 

Guided by common sense and our love for gems, this vision goes against the grain of the industry.  

An ethical family jewelry maison master in colored sapphire

As sapphire lovers, we have long sold our exceptional sapphires to luxury jewelers. To reveal the beauty of sapphire to all, we wanted, among brothers, to establish our maison with a simple vision: jewelry at a fair price.

Whether online or in boutiques, Avani breaks with the codes of the industry to give sapphire the place it deserves. 

By selecting the most exceptional rough stones at their source then creating a jewel tailor-made for these gems, we take the opposite approach to those who seek a cut stone to fit their collections.

Our story begins in Sri Lanka, home of the sought-after Ceylon sapphires.

 From our family mines, we have been responsibly extracting the most beautiful stones for two generations. 

These ethical and ecological sapphires are then hand-cut a few steps away from our mines to reveal their purity and vibrant colors. 

We can uncover the unsuspected richness of colors that sapphires naturally adopt.

Thanks to our mines and the traditional savoir faire of our craftsmen, we can uncover the unsuspected richness of colors that sapphires naturally adopt.

Padparadscha sapphire, peacock blue, teal or vivid blue: cut with patience and high standards, our sapphires unleash their power of seduction to better highlight yours.

From the mine to our shop without intermediaries

By controlling each step of the manufacturing process, from the extraction of the rough stone to the distribution of our creations, we commit to our customers and partners. 

Made in Paris of recycled and recyclable 18-carats gold, each piece of Avani jewelry enhances the value of existing precious materials while preserving the craftsmanship of our gemologists.